Student Center

Lutheran Campus Ministry is a place for all students regardless of religious affiliation (or lack thereof). If you are a UW-Madison, Edgewood College, or any other post-secondary student this place is for you.

This ministry and community begins with welcome. You have a place here. You don’t have to be Lutheran — or any other faith — to join us. Come share in worship, service, community and food — there’s always coffee!

Lutheran Campus Ministry Student Center is located on the corner of N Mills St and University. Summer Hours are Monday – Thursday 9am – 2pm.

About our Coffee

Our delicious coffee not only gives you the energy you need to get through the day and warms you up in the winter, it also makes a positive impact in our local community and around the world.  We source our coffee from Just Coffee Cooperative right here in Madison.

Just coffee provides employment in our local community and utilizes strong environmental practices, including delivering coffee on bikes, to care for our planet.  On a global scale, Just Coffee works with small farmers in developing countries to ensure that they receive a fair wage and use ecologically responsible practices.

Every cup of coffee you get at LCM will not only benefit you, it will also benefit our world.

About our Baked Goods

Our fresh baked coffee cakes and cookies come from Madison Area Urban Ministry’s Just Bakery, a vocational and employment training program designed to meet the needs of men and women returning to to the community after incarceration.

Through classroom and hands-on instruction, men and women interested in food services careers receive instruction, mentoring and job placement, and certification.  Lutheran Campus Ministry is one of Just Bakery’s largest customer.

Come by for a cookie in the afternoon!

About Our Meals

Each day at noon, Lutheran Campus Ministry invites you to gather around a table for lunch – a Taste of Grace. We believe that it is around the table that true community is formed. While away from home, we hope that you will consider LCM to be the community that welcomes, accepts, and cares for you.

Our meals are locally sourced, nutritious, and prepared by our resident chef.  A vegetarian option is always available.  Join us Monday-Friday during the UW semester at noon for lunch. We also offer a Sunday lunch at approximately noon after worship.

Taste of Grace Lunch

At Lutheran Campus Ministry, we believe that God meets us through community, and that community begins when we sit down and share a meal together. This meal is a way for you to experience God’s presence through the friendship you find in one another. 

What is grace, anyway?  

Lutherans believe that everything that God gives us – life itself, forgiveness of sins, friends and neighbors – is a gift that we cannot earn. This gift is called “grace” and we want you to experience it, which is why we call this lunch a “Taste of Grace.”

Who pays for this lunch? 

This lunch is provided by the organizations and individuals who support LCM through donations. Our local synod, congregations in the south-central Wisconsin, and hundreds of alumni and donors make this lunch possible.



Lutheran Campus Ministry wouldn’t be possible without the generous donations of individuals and congregations who support this ministry. Lutheran Campus Ministry of Madison is a qualified 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a letter confirming your donation. Please show your support by making your tax-deductible donation today.
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