We are so excited to introduce our first cohort of Faith & Vocation Fellows! These young women and men will spend about 10 hours per week working in partner ministry sites related to their career interests. In addition, they will gather each Sunday afternoon to support one another, pray together, and grow in their faith. 

Thanks to your generous donations and to the Siebert Lutheran Foundation’s matching grant, we have met our funding goal of $20,000 for 2018-2019. These funds will provide monthly stipends for our fellows as well as honoraria for our guest presenters.

We ask for your prayers for these students (3 of the 5 fellows are pictured below) as they grow in faith and serve their neighbors.

Meet Sarah from Oregon, WI 
Madison College Liberal Arts Transfer
Ministry Area: Voter Education & Public Policy

I’ve been raised in the church, but as I’ve come into my own identity in adulthood I will admit that I’ve had struggles – not with God, but with the institution of the Church itself. More specifically, I’ve struggled to find my place in it. I’ve started to realize that I need to carve out my own place. I am a unique individual and I need to be able to advocate for my own identity and decide for myself what I can bring to the table and how I can best serve God and others through the work of the Church. I think this Fellowship will be a powerful tool to help me explore how to do that.

Meet Logan from Corcoran, MN
UW Madison Sophomore, Pre-Med
Ministry Area: Public Health & Epidemiology

I went to St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church through childhood, and I was confirmed in ninth grade. I have always struggled with some parts of faith, but in general, I like the values Christianity communicates. I have a strong interest in the medical field, and I was told about an opportunity in epidemiology. This opportunity is a perfect blend of my interests with a religious discussion component.



Meet Addison from Ontario, WI
UW Madison Sophomore, Ag Business
Ministry Area: Youth Ministry

I’ve enjoyed challenging my beliefs and exploring what my faith really means and how I can carry that it out in my life. Even in times when it’s hard and all seems hopeless, the never-ending and all-consuming love of God has been a constant rock. I am ecstatic to continue this growth and learn more about myself and my faith along the way!