The Lutheran Campus Center is a place of comfort, food, and worship – a home away from home. But as a student worker, it means so much more to me. The work that I do at the Lutheran Campus Center to feed hungry college students – including myself – is important to me. While the lunches I eat there help my budget, I know there are others who would not eat lunch at all if it were not for us. Not only is the job rewarding, but indispensable. The wage that I receive has helped me keep the heat on through the winter and pay for my textbooks and living expenses while I attend university. Pastor Emily has also been a blessing, not just to the Lutheran Campus Center, but to me as well. She has been a great mentor; her passion is inspiring and her joy infectious. I am not sure where I would be today without her and the Lutheran Campus Center. Graduation will be a bitter sweet goodbye.

      -Claire Massey, Senior