Addison Arndt
Agricultural Business Management, 2020
Hometown: Ontario, WI
Ministry Site: Youth Ministry at Luther Memorial

“I am absolutely loving my time at Luther Memorial and the learning and growth it has allowed me. I am particularly interested in the intersection of my passions and the church and hope to leverage that year with youth programming and relationships around food insecurity and environmental advocacy. Broadening my skill set in youth ministry has been an amazing experience.” 

[Addison is returning for a second year serving in Youth Ministry at Luther Memorial]

Logan Knochenmus
Biomedical Engineering, 2021
Hometown: Corcoran, MN
Ministry Site: Chaplaincy at UW Hospital

“Faith has never come easily for me. I am a scientific thinker at heart, and science and religion have conflicted in the past. With that said, I have found a way to mix logical thinking with a bit of faith; you have to dream sometimes. … The pilot year of this fellowship program has been incredibly rewarding for my spiritual growth. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to serve again.”

Jaret Schroeder
Neurobiology, 2020
Hometown: Trevor, WI
Ministry Site: Church Music

“I am a hard working and self motivated individual who enjoys offering my time and God given talents to help others. These talents fall into two main areas of interest – my occupation and my vocation. My occupation is as a research scientist, where I regularly experience God’s creation at a molecular level. My vocational calling is as a church musician, specifically as an organist, where I experience God’s work through people. These two facets comprise my identity and have shaped how I view the world around me.”

Sarah Schultz
MATC Liberal Arts Transfer, 2020
Ministry Site: Chaplaincy at Oakwood

“I have begun to gain the ability to appreciate the beauty in exploring a wide range of spiritual paths. I am eager to continue this exploration. I have experienced the work of the ELCA from the perspective of congregations, the synod, and churchwide. The more I learn about our calls and work as Lutherans, the more I want to continue to learn.”