Sami George
Environmental Sciences, 2022
Hometown: West Bend, WI
Internship Focus: Service & Social Justice

“After I graduated from High School I began to work at the same camp I attended for 9 years and it was a wonderful way to grow in my faith by becoming a little more comfortable talking about the “God stuff” at camp and gaining an awesome support system to have when I needed them the most. Now at UW-Madison, the campus center has offered me a place to be connected to others that want to be in a church community with the same accepting feeling that my home church does.”

Claire Massey
Journalism, 2020
Hometown: Oregon, WI
Internship Focus: Outreach & Hospitality

“I grew up in a Lutheran family and still proudly identify as Lutheran. But since going to college and becoming an adult my faith has changed. I have discovered new things about not only my faith, but also how diverse religion and faith really is. … I have learned a lot about how faith isn’t just about God and yourself. Faith is about politics and race relations, gender equality and LGBTQ rights. Faith is about everyone and everything.”

Jenna Ridler
Biochemistry & Russian Literature, 2022
Hometown: Mound, MN
Internship Focus: Food Insecurity

“My parents were always very closely tied to the evangelical church. I grew up and appreciated many of the values of their faith, but I found I didn’t fit in. … I left that church, but I still knew I wanted to have a faith connection. Since coming to Madison, I’ve attended some services at Luther Memorial and I’ve found that I enjoy my time there. … I am most interested in the programs that LCM has about fighting hunger and food waste. I have attended the lunches. They have allowed me a consistent place to feel welcome and make friends.”

Delilah Schuster
Music Education, 2022
Hometown: St. Paul, MN
Internship Focus: Contemplative Prayer

“When I finished confirmation at the end of 10th grade, I was feeling invigorated in my faith life, so I joined the student ministry group at my Catholic high school. … This was a formative experience in my faith journey because I was able to develop my own spirituality while helping other students develop theirs through the power of music and reflection … I am eager to explore faith exploration and development through music as well as other facets such as scripture, prayer, etc. in the Madison community.”

Garret Zastoupil
Civil Society & Community Research, PhD Candidate
Graduate Student & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

Garret is a third year PhD Student in the School of Human Ecology studying Civil Society and Community Studies. He’s originally from Fargo North Dakota and came to UW-Madison via Minneapolis and New England. He’s excited to build a community of graduate student and young professionals dedicated to exploring their faith and spirituality while building positive relationships.