What I find profound about light is that you need darkness to fully appreciate it. We talk about the “light of Christ” so often and yet in that talking there is rarely an acknowledgment for why we need the light, why it’s so important. We cannot ignore the darkness, or cast it off as bad, because God created both light and dark, and proclaimed them as good.

Both light and dark are needed, for example, to grow anything. The seed is sown in dark soil and needs its warmth and nutrients for its roots. And yet the sunlight is necessary for the green sprouts to shoot forth and blossom into life.

Though there are times when darkness seems overwhelming, like there is no possible way out, we will find the dawn of a new day always coming forth to light the journey ahead, working together in life-giving rhythm. We can always trust that even in the darkest shadow of death, light will dawn again. That trust is strengthened in the promises of God, who always shows up for us, in both sun and moon. God makes these promises human and blesses us in the life-saving light and life of Christ. 

God our holy creator, help me to trust in your life-giving promises, made known in Christ and in the daily rhythms of darkness and dawning light. Amen.

Rev. Carolyn Staats, 2015

The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and for those who sat in the region and shadow of death light has dawned.

Matthew 4:16