This last November, while in Pennsylvania, I went on several short runs around the neighborhood. During those runs I found myself gasping for air almost immediately. At first, I thought I was just out of practice, it had been a while since I had gone for a run before that. But once I realized that the area of Pennsylvania I was around 1000 feet higher in elevation than Madison, everything made sense. 

Breathing is a weird thing, we don’t always notice when we take a breath, but man is it obvious when your lungs aren’t filling with air. But you can also choose to control your breath. Try it right now, stop, and take a deep breath in…and out. 

Just like we can passively breathe, we can passively live a life in Christ. Thinking someone else can help our neighbors in need, and not listening to God’s calling for you. 

Instead, choose to actively live a life in Christ, by following his calling and being the change that God wants us to be in the world. 

Breath of life, thank you for the breath of life. Help us to take notice of your call, to actively live a life of christ and to notice you calling to us in the world.

Cara Argus, 2016

Thus says the Lord God to these bones: I will cause breath to enter you, and you shall live.

Ezekiel 37:5