This passage gives me a vivid image of the psalmist. I imagine the person who wrote this verse rising before dawn and seeking out a remote and beautiful location like a forest or mountain top. As the sky lightens, the psalmist reaches out their hands and cries out to God in prayer. As the sun rises, they might be able to feel that God is with them, giving them hope through the beauty of creation. The colorful sunrise, the trees and rocks and flowers all remind us of our God who provides us with our creation full of God’s love and grace. 

Putting hope in God is not always easy for me. In our world that is full of pain and challenges, we often cry out to God for help. I often find hope in God’s words through creation. Taking time to look around me at the incredible world makes me feel closer to the Creator. 

God, help us to know that you are there when we cry out to you. Help us to see the hope your grace provides in the world through neighbors, friends, and your creation. Amen.

Annika Peterson, 2019

I rise before dawn and cry for help; I put my hope in your words.

Psalm 119:147