Photo: Leah Holloway-Nilsen

2020 has been a year of imagination. I do not say this to sugarcoat or gloss over the hardships, pain, and loss that this year has brought. In fact, we limit our imagination by confining it to rainbows and sunshine. This has been a year of imagination as the Church has explored how to be church while it is unsafe for us to physically gather together. This has been a year of imagination as the Church has more deeply explored God’s call to social justice and genuine love of neighbor. For some of us, this may have felt startling and new. For some of us, this has been an extension of our participation in what God is up to in the world.

Imagination is part of the work of discernment that opens us up to what is possible with God. Imagination holds deep roots in Lutheran Campus Ministry because campus ministry accompanies young adults as they imagine and discern whom God is calling them to be for the sake of the Gospel.

Participating in campus ministry while I was an undergraduate invited me into exploring deep relationship building within a transient community. I got to imagine and discern what it means to live my life for the sake of the Gospel no matter where I am. I discussed and reflected upon life’s mysteries with my peers, free from worries about being judged or not getting it right. This is what campus ministry does. This is why it is so crucial for our young adults to get connected to the campus ministry near or at their place of post-secondary education. More than ever, for the sake of the Gospel, imagination is needed in our church and in our world. Come imagine with us, as we seek to participate in what God is doing in God’s world.

– Leah Holloway, 2019

During this difficult time, it is even more important for young adults to be connected with a faith community and find ways to connect with their peers. This critical need is why Lutheran Campus Ministry is, once again, working on a Campus Connect Project, which seeks to gather the names of college students from each and every congregation in our synod. On your behalf, we will share your students’ information with the campus ministry staff at whatever school they attend.

We can’t do this without you! Please make a plan now to connect your students to campus ministry. You can submit this information online – follow the link at – or email the completed form to Please provide as much information as you can for all of your college students (not just incoming freshmen). We also have a reproducible insert if you’d like to publish a way for members to do this themselves.   If you have any questions or need any help in completing the project, please contact us at