Have you ever tried building a fire without any kindling? It is so hard! Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, I have been making a lot of fires. Knowing it is safer to gather outdoors, I have gathered with friends and family for backyard fire pits. A few times I have tried to build a fire with very little kindling, going from only a few tiny sticks to split wood. On those occasions I have either had to work really hard to get the fire going or I have had to start over. I have wished more than once that the fire was already kindled!

Consider this: A fire – or candle – can be used to start a new fire without putting it out. With one lighted candle, you can light many, many others, and the first one doesn’t shine any less bright. We each have God’s light – a spark of faith – in us. Who has helped to kindle your faith? Whose faith have you helped to kindle? By sharing our faith with others, we join with Jesus in kindling the fire of faith.”

God, you came to Moses in the burning bush. Fan the flame of my faith and help me to spark faith in others. Amen.

Amy Floan, Partner Congregation Employee

“I came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!”

-Luke 12:49