Jesus is not the type of gate that locks us in, but rather one who frees us. Jesus is the good shepherd, and it is through him that we find greater pastures, abundant with life, led safely by a voice we know and love because we are known and loved by that voice. His is the voice we know to follow because it finds us through the gate, instead of the malicious coaxing of thieves beyond the fence who dare not enter the honest way.

This passage invites us to take a critical look at the many different actors in our lives that demand our attention in all different directions. If we take a moment to slow down and listen with the ears of our hearts, we may cut through the noise of false prophets to hear that familiar voice who truly knows and loves us, the voice to follow through the gate toward abundant love and possibility.

God, please help us to tune into the ears of our hearts so that we can hear your loving voice which leads us safely through the gate toward great green pastures. Amen.

Delilah Schuster, LCM Student Intern

So again Jesus said to them, “Very truly, I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep.”  

-John 10:7