As human beings are wont to do, we often make the mistake of believing that we are the light of the world. And are we really surprised that we are offended by others when they do not believe as we do! Or, perhaps, we stumble when we encounter those who may have a few more questions about this person named Jesus. The hatred, judgment, or condemnation that Christians show towards nonbelievers or even believers of different stripes, doesn’t make any sense if we are all truly a people of John’s confession: ‘Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh and we know Him not.’

Might not our calling, then, be to live as witnesses to that light in the calm humility and joy of a people who have been rescued from certain destruction? Might we not extend the grace that God has shown towards us to others; even to those we vehemently disagree with theologically, politically, or historically? The image of God for us today is “The Word”. What does it mean to live as a people already reconciled through the Word Made Flesh?

O Reconciling God, may we live lives of those already reconciled to you and to each other. Give us eyes to see the places where we push your Son’s light out of the center. Help us reflect the light of your Word even to those who may not reflect it back towards us. Amen.

Rev. Chris Enstad, Partner Congregation Pastor

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

-John 1:1