“The Lord liveth and blessed be the Rock”.

The Rock is a popular song sung during worship at Lutherdale bible camp that is full of energy and hand motions. Reminding us that God is our backbone and to always be thankful.

In Psalm 78, the people of Ephraim were very rowdy and disobeyed God constantly. When God released God’s anger, they were reminded that God was their rock. God was the one that gave them all they wanted. God was the one they could always fall back on and ultimately be the only one who could save them from themselves.

When I think of God as my rock I also think of a solid base that I can rely on. It’s the hard ground beneath me that will catch me when I fall. I also think of the earth. God created this hard rock for us to live on. Without God and God’s creations, nothing would be possible. God provides us with everything we need and God loves us so much God saves us from our own sins. God is our rock, and God will always be here for us.

“And may the God of our salvation be exalted”

Dear God, Thank you for being the solid ground beneath us, the one we can always rely on. Your love for us is astounding, and may we be forever grateful for all that you provide us with. You are our rock. Amen.

Rachel Smith, LCM Staff ‘19

They remembered that God was their rock, the Most High God their redeemer.

-Psalm 78:35