Having grown up in Wisconsin, I have always viewed springtime with cautious optimism…warmer temps, and thoughts of summer come to the forefront of our minds. Yet, more often than not, we are slammed by an unexpected cold front or a snowstorm.

This cautious optimism is also being applied by our campus ministry board in our budgetary goals for this upcoming year. We have been truly blessed this past year by the wonderful and integral support of the Synod, partner congregations, and donors such as yourselves.

The question that hangs in the air, is what will this year be like? What will it look like financially, programmatically, and is a return to “normal-ish” activity realistic?

These are the big questions we are trying to gauge as we enter into a time of strategic priorities. As we move into a more intentional effort around development and financial stability for the ministry now and in the future while thinking about how best to serve along-side our students and to give them the best resources as they navigate their transition into adulthood.

As we continue through this “Spring” of ministry at LCM, we are grateful for the countless support we have in you. As always, I ask for your prayers for the ministry, for Pr. Emily and Kenzie, and especially for our students who continue navigating unprecedented academic schedules in the face of a global pandemic. As “Forward” is our state motto, we look ahead to this year in ministry not fully knowing what it has in store for us, but certain that God will be the one leading us.

Rev John Worzala Dumke, LCM Board President