This song is one of my favorites.  It was one of the first songs I really resonated with.  As I mentioned before, I have been in a strange place with my faith.  Lost in this web of what I should do and what I want to do.  As a college student especially this can be a hard feeling to navigate.  This song by Chris Renzema is kinda split into two parts.  The first part is from our point of view.  Opening up to the Lord, telling him we are trying our best, yet we “still don’t know how to be yours.”  The second part is from God’s perspective.  He says to us, “love me or hate, I’m not going anywhere, leave me or take me, you still bear my signature, know me or not, seen or forgot, I’m not walking out on you.”  And I think that is beautiful.  As Christians we are taught that God’s love for us is undying; His love is forever.  This seems quite self-explanatory, but can be a difficult concept to grasp.  Putting words to those feelings of doubt and uncertainty while also getting some insight on the logic behind God’s unwavering love gives me that peace of mind I find myself searching for and I hope it does the same for you.  

Song: How to Be Yours by Chris Renzema
Spotify Playlist: LCM Meaning in the Music
Post by: Greta Eggert ’23 as part of the Meaning in the Music Project