This song kills two birds with one stone.  First, it perfectly puts words to some of my insecurities which is reflective in and of itself, but the secondly after Searcy explains these scenarios in which one may feel anxious, sad or guilty, he says, “I’m sorry no one explained Jesus to you.” which is his way of bringing peace to his listeners.

Throughout the song he is alluding to the fact that we are our harshest critics and if anyone is to judge us it should be Jesus, but guess what? He doesn’t?  That’s not how Jesus works. 

This is a reassuring message for those of us who feel as if we have hit rock bottom, there is no coming back from this, or that we will never be able to redeem ourselves.  The idea that no matter how bad we are hurting, how terribly we have embarrassed ourselves, or how awful we think our lives may be, that God is still there through all of it.   

Song: Explaining Jesus by Jordan Searcy
Spotify Playlist: LCM Meaning in the Music
Post by: Greta Eggert ’23 as part of the Meaning in the Music Project